Sprinkle Me by Kake King

Bakers Startup Bundle

$700.00 $10.99 -98%

Sprinkle Me by Kake King

Bakers Startup Bundle

$700.00 $10.99 -98%


This bundle is everything you need to start your career in the sweets industry. Every class and tool will help guide you into the right direction of running a successful business. 


-The Master Class

This class will cover the following topics:

  • How to ship products and setup an online shipping account.
  • How to setup an online store using an E-Commerce Platform.
  • How to place bulk orders on products and negotiate trades. 
  • How to create multiple streams of income using various product lines and online classes. 

- How to setup a Shopify Store

Class will cover:

  • Adding products 
  • Creating collections 
  • Adding/Transferring a domain name 
  • Adding a theme to your store
  • Adding functional apps
  • Setting up SEO settings 
  • Creating a professional email address 
  • Adding forms 

-Cake Ordering Contract
-Cake Serving Guide
-Tipsy Squeeze E-Book

-28 Online Class Bundle
Online Classes:
Sprinkles Drip Cake Tutorial
Baking 101
Creating Styrofoam Cakes
Royal Ruffles
Social Media & Branding
Textured Buttercream
Sharp Edges
Buttercream Ruffles
Hard Candy Apples
Gourmet Treats
Pop Up Shops
Strawberry Tower Cake
Pillow Cake
Floral Wedding Cake
From Home 2 Bakery
Number Cakes
Tropical Cake/Edible Images
Rose Cake
Cotton Candy Cupcake
3 Part Wedding Cake Class
How To Teach A Class
Mastering The Art Of Cake
Glam Donuts
How To Ship Products
Creating A Strawberry Crunch Cake
Creating Shippable Treats
Black Out Cake Tutorial
Dessert Cake Class

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Latisha Johnson
Jam Packed with useful information!

The bundle contains a multitude of resources that any baker or pastry artist would find helpful. I have only read through a small fraction of all the information.

I'm just grateful that the KakeKing is willing to share his knowledge while making it affordable. I hope to take an in-person class this year!

Kendra Patton
Thank you so much!

Valuable info here and I will be looking to get my frosting from Sam’s if I can catch it! Thank you😊

Lynn King
Bakers startup bundle

I absolutely love it, the tutorials and videos are amazing. I love how detailed you are and makes it easy to do. I have been watching the videos a lot making notes and plan to try some of the recipes this weekend. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Deleka Watson

I just love the bundle..... The no fail cake recipe us superb!

Brittany Barnes (IL)
I love the Baker's Startup Bundle

I've not viewed all the materials yet. But what I have viewed that is my favorite is the Strawberry Crunch videos. I appreciate all your thorough explanations.