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Sprinkle Me by Kake King

Sweet Success Bundle

Sweet Success Bundle

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This bundle is everything you need to start your career in the sweets industry. Every class and tool will help guide you into the right direction of running a successful business. 

Bundle Includes:

-40 Virtual Classes

Cake Ordering Contract
-Cake Serving Guide


(Some classes require Facebook)

Sweet Success Bundle Class Listing

  1. Baking 101
  2. Creating Styrofoam Cakes
  3. Royal Ruffles
  4. Social Media & Branding Class
  5. Textured Buttercream Class  
  6. Buttercream Ruffles Class 
  7. Hard Candy Apples  
  8. Gourmet Treats  
  9. Pop Up Shops
  10. Strawberry Tower Cake  
  11. Pillow Cake    
  12. Floral Wedding Cake     
  13. From Home 2 Bakery   
  14. Creating Number Cakes
  15. Tropical Cake/Edible Images Class    
  16. Rose Cake  Class    
  17. Glam Donut Class
  18. How To Teach An Online Class:
  19. Product Label Making Class
  20. The Dessert Box Class 
  21. The Sheet Cake & Dessert Shooter Class
  22. Buttercream Sharp Edges Tutorial
  23. Cotton Candy Cupcake Tutorial
  24. 3 Part Wedding Cake Class
  25. Mastering Cake Basics
  26. Shipping Treats Class
  27. Creating Shippable Treats
  28. Strawberry Crunch Cake Class
  29. Drip Cake Class
  30. Black Out Cake Tutorial
  31. Creating Dessert Cakes Class
  32. Chantilly German Chocolate Cake Class 
  33. Chicken & Waffle Cupcake Class
  34. KKU Buttercream Piping Master Course
  35. Pineapple Cheesecake Dessert Bowl Class
  36. The Floral Cake Class
  37. The Blueprint Master Class
  38. Funfetti Cake Class
  39. Strawberry Crunch Cupcake Class
  40. Tipsy Squeeze E-Book


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