Sprinkle Me by Kake King

Bakers Startup Bundle

$700.00 $25.00 -96%

Sprinkle Me by Kake King

Bakers Startup Bundle

$700.00 $25.00 -96%


This bundle is everything you need to start your career in the sweets industry. Every class and tool will help guide you into the right direction of running a successful business. 


-The Master Class

This class will cover the following topics:

  • How to ship products and setup an online shipping account.
  • How to setup an online store using an E-Commerce Platform.
  • How to place bulk orders on products and negotiate trades. 
  • How to create multiple streams of income using various product lines and online classes. 

- How to setup a Shopify Store

Class will cover:

  • Adding products 
  • Creating collections 
  • Adding/Transferring a domain name 
  • Adding a theme to your store
  • Adding functional apps
  • Setting up SEO settings 
  • Creating a professional email address 
  • Adding forms 

-Cake Ordering Contract
-Cake Serving Guide
-Tipsy Squeeze E-Book

-28 Online Class Bundle
Online Classes:
Sprinkles Drip Cake Tutorial
Baking 101
Creating Styrofoam Cakes
Royal Ruffles
Social Media & Branding
Textured Buttercream
Sharp Edges
Buttercream Ruffles
Hard Candy Apples
Gourmet Treats
Pop Up Shops
Strawberry Tower Cake
Pillow Cake
Floral Wedding Cake
From Home 2 Bakery
Number Cakes
Tropical Cake/Edible Images
Rose Cake
Cotton Candy Cupcake
3 Part Wedding Cake Class
How To Teach A Class
Mastering The Art Of Cake
Glam Donuts
How To Ship Products
Creating A Strawberry Crunch Cake
Creating Shippable Treats
Black Out Cake Tutorial
Dessert Cake Class

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Meonia Patterson

Honestly your not going to get all the information this king dropped anywhere else in one bundle. For this price especially. Great resources! I truly appreciate this course.

Tracy Hamner-Whitfield

The videos are awesome and amazing! I am retired, doing cakes full time. The wealth of knowledge from the Kake King is unmeasurable and informative.

Latasha Nicolas

Learned so much watching these videos!!! Love love love the information that was given out!!!

Amazing Service

Videos are great glad I can always refer back. I do wish I could have participated in live classes to ask more questions. Some of the groups are pretty dry so questions go unanswered. Otherwise great investment!

Quintella Watkins
Kake King Is The Best!

Although I've been in business for 9 years, it wasn't until the past year after following Kake King, I changed the way I think and do business as a Entrepreneur. The Bundle is a GAME CHANGER!